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A Different Type of Detox

Every January, upon the arrival of a clean slate of a new year, our minds all appear to go in the same direction - resolutions. In one form or another we are all thinking about detoxing from something, changing something, planning something, doing something - or many things - differently. It can be exciting, overwhelming, and often difficult to put all of our hopes and dreams for a better year into a list of things “to achieve”. And often this list falls by the wayside as priorities shift and the unforeseen happens. Before you know it the seasons are changing and your list has been put on hold once again.

This year, we invite all our wonderful supporters to consider a different approach - take a moment to enjoy this Sanskrit poem. Perhaps the best change we could make for the new year would be to start each day by reading these words, and then everything else would naturally fall into place.

Wishing you a 2020 filled with health, peace, love, and whatever else you desire.

Zen Honeycutt and the MAA Team

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