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Moms all across America have tried to take care for their children by requesting to have their children's urine tested for glyphosate and their doctors have said they cannot do the tests. They have asked labs directly to do the glyphosate tests on urine and they have said no. American Moms have not been able to test their own children or their own urine for the most widely used chemical pesticides on the planet... until now.

Do you want to get your urine, tap water, breast milk or other liquids tested for glyphosate and other toxins?

You can! It's easy. 


Health Research Institute Laboratories 

A non-profit research organization. They carry out scientific studies and apply advanced analytical tools to help detect substances present in food, water, soil, pet urine, and even the human body. Provides LC/MS/MS validated testing.

They work to characterize constituents that are more nutritious and health-promoting as well as those that may be harmful to health and the environment.

The Detox Project

Detox Project Testing

Home Glyphosate Tests for Food and Water

  • 2 Strip Tests - $ 79.99

  • 5 Strip Tests - $ 199.99

Hair Tests for Glyphosate and other pesticides

  • Glyphosate in Hair - $ 149

  • Home Pesticides Test - $ 199

  • Agricultural Pesticides Test - $ 199

  • Agricultural Pesticides + Glyphosate Test – $ 348

  • Combined Test - not including glyphosate - $ 349

  • Combined Test - including glyphosate - $ 499

LC/MS/MS validated methodology.

Glyphosate Residue Free certification. Ask your favorite brands to get certified! 



Great Plains Laboratories, Inc.  

Offers tests for heavy metals and chemicals. 

Ask for special pricing for Moms Across America supporters.


We hear this lab does a good job testing hair for allergies.

Also, check out our Health Solutions Store for detox solutions. Thank you!

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  • Alise Hardesty
    commented 2019-08-24 16:21:47 -0400
    I agree prices are WAY to high!!
  • Mary Sue Abernethy
    commented 2018-09-03 19:02:29 -0400
    the prices for testing are too high, we need discount codes and for more than 10%, already spending a fortune trying to be well!
  • Ruth
    followed this page 2016-08-29 12:41:17 -0400

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