2020 Impact Report - Moms Across America

2020 Impact Report

This has been a year like no other. When my team began the draft of the 2020 report, I assumed that it would be shorter this year, considering COVID, shutdowns, and the BLM protests, but no, they said, we actually did more. I was surprised. How could this be? As I looked back over our activities during these tumultuous times, it became obvious. In challenging times, we mothers and supporters of Moms Across America don’t retreat and hide, we rise up. We find solutions, we support each other. Rather than adding to the collective rage, we generate collective compassion. We celebrate the acts of kindness and get to the source of our skyrocketing health issues - long before COVID - and that is eating a healthy, toxin free diet and restoring our immune system naturally. We did not rest when the USDA lowered their food supply standards due to the shutdown. We mothers rose up and spoke up to hold our government accountable.

We went beyond the food supply this year however, in a big way, by putting a major focus on the immediate danger to our families by raising awareness about the intrusion of 5G “Smart” City Grids. We spoke up about major cities like Dallas, for instance, where they now have 966 small cells and expect 10,000. We assembled a team of seasoned activists, scientists, lawyers, and advisors that were thrilled we were taking this issue on, and provided scores of steps, tips, and strategies for approaching our city planners. Our Moms Connect calls and materials allowed our supporters to take on this issue nationwide and take action to prevent harm to their communities. When cities like Easton, CT were successful, we created campaigns in partnership with other organizations like Children’s Health Defense and Americans for Responsible Technology to let Americans know.

We looked to the future as well and put the spotlight on the COVID vaccine. Will it contain glyphosate like other childhood vaccines have been shown to contain? What safety precautions will be taken for a safe and effective vaccine? And will we have choice?

We continued to collaborate with many organizations and bring knowledgeable people into our team. We interviewed numerous fascinating authors, took part in webinars around the world, and supported the campaign of other organizations to reach millions about the ongoing harm from glyphosate.

We expanded our board, volunteer team, individual donors, and while many groups, unfortunately, are losing people by the thousands per week online, Moms Across America continues to grow. I have no doubt that you will see in the details of this 2020 Impact Report that one of the most important and effective things you can be doing with your resources is supporting the work of Moms Across America. Our organization educates and empowers mothers and others with actions and solutions to create healthy communities. If there is anything 2020 has taught us, it is that it is paramount to focus on family, health, and our communities.

Thank you for the tremendous blessing that it is to be able to continue to do this work. Thank you for your interest in our work. Thank you for being people with whom we can partner with to create healthy communities that are thriving and providing a safe future for future generations.

With Gratitude.

Founding Executive Director, Moms Across America

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To support our work in the future please check out our Moms for Moms campaign and our exciting projects for 2021!

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