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Moms March On in 2015 Independence Day Parades

On July 4th 2015 for the third consecutive year, Moms and supporters joined into 4th of July parades all across the nation with Moms Across America banners and passed out flyers to the thousands of neighbors who lined the streets. Volunteer moms and families reached thousands locally and millions nationally in a single day.


We did this to raise awareness about GMOs and related toxic pesticides because we care about our communities and the future of our country.  We did this to create a future of health and freedom. Health by avoiding GMOs and toxic chemicals and Freedom to choose not to eat GMOs and toxic chemicals.  Freedom also from the control of chemical company corporations such as Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, Syngenta, BASF and Bayer which are influencing our regulatory agencies and politicians to make laws which protect the chemical companies, not the people.

So we opt out of the system and eat organic, but it is not enough just for our own families to eat organic. Our children's future spouses are out there somewhere, most likely eating GMO foods. We know now about the studies showing rats which showed rats which ate GMOs, by the third generation were completely sterile. We know now about glyphosate( Roundup) which is sprayed on GMOs (and non non organic crops as a drying agent), has been shown to be an antibiotic (destroying immune system), a chelator (drawing out minerals needed to fight cancer) and an endocrine disruptor (birth defects and sterility). It has also been link to Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, liver and kidney disease and numerous behavioral and mental disorders such as Autism and Alzheimer's. This is NOT okay with us. We think America can do better and we demand it of our food companies and government. Until they do better we raise awareness to eliminate GMOs and toxic chemicals from our tables NOW, by growing, buying and eating organic. 

We thank all Wonderful Sponsors and Supporters of Moms Across America for your support!

Moms posted 40 parades to march in last Saturday and we want to take a moment to THANK YOU for your support either recently or in the past.
We are so grateful for you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


Because of you:

  • Moms volunteers who feel overwhelmed and stressed out feel supported by you and are delighted with the boxes of hundreds of dollars free materials they have received.THANK YOU!


  • Hundreds of thousands of flyers have been personally passed out across the country and we have supplies for many thousands more...reaching millions of family members and making a difference for generations to come.



  • Over 600 volunteers and leaders have had events; parades, Moms Meetups, speaker series, movie nights etc and have been able to spread awareness in 46 states during our first two years with your support. This third year has shown a rise in support, 85 trained speakers, a rise in organic and Non GMO food sales, and a drop in profits for toxic food and product manufacturers.


Watch Temple Terrace video of their parade and why the moms are marching here:


  • With your support, we reach hundreds of thousands of people through social media for free each week/month depending on events and millions more through movies like BOUGHT and international documentaries, changing lives.


  • With your support, we have been able to conduct glyphosate testing which has made a difference for our cause and instigate further studies and policy change. The EPA WILL include their own glyphosate /breast milk testing in their assessment of the glyphosate due out later this year. THANK YOU!


  • With supporters donations, we have been able to share our testimonials and requests to thousands of shareholders of the largest toxic chemical companies in the world, in person, passionately and clearly. We are being heard because of you.


  • Moms Across America has been able to spread the state of the health of our children and the hope/solutions we have to the rest of the world with a global offshoot Moms Across the World, in New Zealand, Australia, China, Africa, UK and more.


  • Your support has touched the lives of millions and will alter the future of America. THANK YOU very much!!!

With Hugs from the Moms Across America Team,
Zen CA, Zoe PA, Laurie WA, Anne MI, Jessica CA, Beth SC, Nanette WA, Amber VA, Natalie CA and Sherry WA.

Pictures from just some of the parades from across the country,  California, Texas, Washington, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan and more!

10981611_477615325738343_3800592823926258719_n.jpg   11062249_477615572404985_4219058356953116855_n.jpg

11206509_843060749116604_3847241028848420776_o.jpg  11411643_10205501494835345_206569790207749419_o.jpg


11412053_482918688530575_5474228009158188377_o.jpg   11538124_843060855783260_1026788712579609903_o.jpg

11666226_10152977982732308_8127303221655358413_n.jpg   11667392_920465784676940_3455861714315656237_n.jpg

11695904_10203992301950347_6739661978029575818_n.jpg   11696482_843060599116619_5451743743308917104_o.jpg

11700849_477615535738322_1917338728673898127_n.jpg   11705290_920465854676933_5251487322674548866_n.jpg



11722655_10205501493155303_8275221942004075899_o.jpg      11722654_482918618530582_311866499987272319_o.jpg


THANK YOU supporters and sponsors for your commitment!!!

Love and Hugs,

Moms Across America

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