Children's March for Humanity - Ann Arbor

Children's March for Humanity - Ann Arbor

How many kids are now on pills every day?? 1 in 6 have a neurological disorder. America has the HIGHEST infant mortality rate of any industrialized nation. Why are our children so sick? Is it the glyphosate, GMOs, vaccines, chemicals in our products/food/air? Is it all the above? We are concerned for the outlook of our society and we have come together to save our future.

We are uniting on June 17, 2017 to ignite desire in the hearts of the masses to yearn for more information on topics such as glyphosate, GMOs, vaccines, and various chemicals. Through inquiry grounded in love, respect, and empathy, our goal is to tear down the defensive walls which: divide, hinder sparked curiosity, and discourage the masses from seeking the truth. The main march will take place in Washington DC with satellite marches in select cities, NATIONWIDE. During the actual event, our goals include the following:

1. Showcase the Children to Create Urgency

American children are sicker than ever before and for being the most powerful nation with the most resources, the numbers of healthy children and adults are rapidly declining. It is imperative we protect the upcoming generations to secure a prosperous future with a healthy society filled with various professions, such as teachers, doctors, and police officers (we ask children to dress up as a professional of choice).

2. To stand together for the constitutional right to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is our sovereign right to exercise educated medical choice to control the substances injected into our bodies and the bodies of our children, without harassment, mandates, or consequences.

State governments and private sectors are
systematically suffocating the sovereign rights of our citizens' educated medical control by resulting to the following measures for noncompliance:

** Rejecting students for school attendance
** Termination of employment over various industries
** Dropping families from pediatric practices or coercing them to sign threatening release forms.
** Inciting heart-wrenching fear into the hearts of parents towards those choosing not to adhere to the CDC schedule.

3. Inspire inquiry and offer informational opportunities

Lastly, we are marching to offer the masses opportunities to engage in respectful conversations in which ideas, beliefs, and information are empathetically exchanged. Speakers and informational pamphlets will be available for others to begin their research. Once we secure the numbers, we will be in a position to force the hands of the government and pharmaceutical companies to acknowledge our sovereign rights, take responsibility for their deception, and expose the truth.

We are an all-inclusive march and our conduct will promote peace, love and mutual respect, regardless of the opposition.

For directions and a map:

June 17, 2017 at 11:00am - 2pm
Liberty Plaza
301 S Division St
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
United States
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