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    Please note that many have asked for the names of the brands. Our response:
    The supporter who gave us the results of the wine testing has not agreed to release brand information at this time. However, the issue is not the brand, it is the impact of chemical farming and the widespread contamination of consumer products. These results show that any vineyard using these toxic chemicals can expect that their wines and their neighbors’ wines will be contaminated with glyphosate based herbicides.

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    Sign the URGENT Birth Defects Petition. Please protect babies!

    Birth Defects Petition


    "I lost my baby due to anencephaly.  I was exposed to Roundup (glyphosate) when a family member sprayed our yard early in my pregnancy. My baby was born without a brain, took a few breaths, and died. When I heard about the increased birth defects in HawaiiWashington State, and now the UK, and learned that glyphosate and atrazine have been linked to these birth defects, I knew I had to speak up.  People don't know that these toxic chemicals we are spraying in our yards, on farms and orchards, city parks, county roads, and water ways could be killing our babies. 

    This has to stop.

    I am starting this petition to raise awareness and to ask the EPA to do 3 things:

    1. Test the affected area resident's water, urine and breast milk for glyphosate, atrazine, lead and other toxins to prevent further deaths.
    2. Require proof of safety via tests of the COMBINATIONS, all the ingredients in the products together, not just one "active chemical ingredient". If the entire product is not proven safe it should not be permitted anywhere.
    3. Ban toxic chemicals from products that can be used in gardens, school yards, trees, public spaces on feed and food crops.

    I am asking moms in America to speak up too, go to and apply for free glyphosate and pesticide water and urine testing if you have had multiple miscarriages or a baby with anencephalygastrochisis, spina bifida or cleft palet, or other birth defects. If you know of a childhood cancer cluster, please also ask those parents to come forward and also apply to get their children tested.

    When we know better, we do better. It is time to face the fear of knowing so we can take action and save lives.

    Please sign and share this petition!
    Thank you."
    Michele, California


    532 signatures

    Mom and Supporters Petition the EPA:

    1. TEST for Toxins in Birth Defect Cluster Areas

    2. REQUIRE safety tests for combination of ALL ingredients in any chemical products.

    3. BAN Toxins from our food, water and public spaces.

    STOP needless loss of our babies! Prevent pregnant mothers from exposure to toxins!

    From Moms Across America: 

    "It is heartbreaking to learn of the tragedy of a 10 fold increase of birth defects in Hawaii, a cluster of 9 birth defects in the UK on one street and now 40 babies dying from anencephaly in WA State since 2010, 5 times the national average.

    We understand the accusation that that the Washington Department of Health is not doing their job to protect babies in these communities. Unfortunately, the Washington Dept of Health turned down the offer for free glyphosate tests from Moms Across America in May of 2014 when 30 babies were reported to have died from anencephaly to mothers down stream from orchards where glyphosate is sprayed.

    Scientific studies have show that frogs and chicken embryos experienced the same effects when exposed to glyphosate as babies with anencephaly, being born without brains. 

    We continue to offer mother and mothers to be to apply for free water and urine glyphosate tests in areas where there are clusters of birth defects and cancer." 
    - Zen Honeycutt Founder and Director Moms Across America

    To Contact the WA Dept of Health WA directly and encourage them to conduct testing:

    Kathy Lofy
    Washington State Department of Health
    101 Israel Road SE Tumwater, WA 98501


    From the CDC:

    "The causes of anencephaly among most infants are unknown. Some babies have anencephaly because of a change in their genes or chromosomes. Anencephaly might also be caused by a combination of genes and other factors, such as the things the mother comes in contact with in the environment or what the mother eats or drinks, or certain medicines she uses during pregnancy."

    Thank you for signing and sharing this important petition!

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    Become a volunteer

    This is YOUR March! Imagine what fun it will be when a hundred local Moms are walking together on your Main Street with their kids and families on 4th of July in the parade! Wearing red white and blue, carrying balloons, pie plates with American flags on them to bang and passing out flyers with GMO free info and solutions. Fun! And easy! Most of us are going to the parade anyway, we can just walk in it and teach our kids to be active leaders too!

    You can volunteer by doing any of the one or more actions below:

    Parade leader or "Major Mom" ( you get emails when someone new signs up)

    Hand out Flyers to volunteers

    Hand out Tee Shirts

    Fill out the Application for the parade in March /April ( only with the information we supply via email)

    Call and connect with marchers

    Let us know if any of these or other ideas you have work for you!

    Become a volunteer

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    The green drink was raw organic greens, in organic apple juice, preceeded with MSM by MRM in water to seal the gut.I think he had B12, Vitamin D, enzymes when he ate, collidial sillver when he was sick and probiotics every day. All organic. Check out the diets under SOLUTIONS on our website!

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