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Why do kids want you to have a Moms Meetup?

What can You Do?

You are invited to join us on Saturday May 2, 2015 host a Moms  Meet Up, to celebrate Moms as we support each other through sharing our children's heath issues and the solutions we have discovered.  We will have an international video call to action at 10:30am PT with Vandana Shiva of Navdanya, Jeffrey M.Smith producer of Genetic Roulette, Evangellos Valliantos author of "Poison Spring"  and notable moms who have caused GMO Free Zones etc. 


On Saturday May 2, 2015 we will unite in our homes or community centers across the nation with a live video call, connecting and inspiring mothers in the actions they can take and the solutions they can offer their communities.


To be a part of this, host your own event around the 10:30 AM PT internatonal video call start time, for example 9:30-12:30 breakfast meetup on the West coast or a 12:30 -3:30 afternoon tea on the East coast.

Our intention:

We intend for these events to be easy, inexpensive, empowering for the moms who attend and to have a powerful  impact on their communities. We suggest holding the event to have 1 hour for sharing your stories, 1 hour for solutions and 1 hour for our live video conference call. We hope you will enjoy organic snacks and drinks from a local health food sponsor ( just ask!) so Moms know where to get healthy food near them. You can order  FREE box of new GMO and pesticide info for ur Moms Meetup made possible by our sponsors. ORDER YOUR BOX by April 8 for April 10 ship date for delivery by Earth day and by April 23 for delivery for Moms Meetup. Pay flat rate fee of $15.00. While supplies last.

 How will we impact communities?

If each MeetUp has 15 moms who then go out and share with 5 moms each about going organic, who share with 5, who share with 5 moms = 1875 moms who go out and spend only 200 dollars a week on organic food X 200 Meetups = 4 billion dollar increase in organic food sales per year, millions of dollars into our local communities and thousands of healthier, happier people!! Let's do this Moms!

Download this flyer and post at coffee shops, health food stores and library by April 6!

Before May 2nd, we invite you to host a movie night at your home, gather and connect with local moms and empower your community to take a new road to health. See  our "Movie" page for suggestions.

Here's how to host an event...

First search in the box below to see if there is a nearby event, then click on the HOST YOUR OWN link below and enter your complete information.

Other Events:

Create a GMO movie night, have a booth at an Earth Day Festival or Fair, or have a Home party with our sponsor NYR Organic and the host will share about GMOs and toxins as well as organic body care.

Parades - Harvest Festivals, Holiday, New Years or Independence Day!

Let your whole Town know about GMOs and pesticides!


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    I Like That.
  • commented 2015-04-29 10:26:01 -0700
    how do we access the video conference on the day of the event? Will it be live on this site?
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    Is there a press release available that hosts can send out to local media?

    Do you have a list of what and how many are included in the educational materials box? Is that where we get bumper stickers and such?

    How do we get more information on other speakers who will be speaking in the teleconference and the topics they are speaking on?

    These are some of my pressing questions! ;-)

    Thanks for pulling this massive event together!!