Letter to Trump: Make America Healthy & Great Again!

For the first time in two centuries, a child's life expectancy and health is expected to be shorter and worse than their parents. We have a health crisis in America. Please sign our letter to President Trump to Make America Healthy & Great Again by Reducing Chronic Disease and Rising Health Care Costs.



We will send hard copies and online signatures to President Elect Trump after his inauguration, approximately Feb 1. Please sign by Jan 30. 






President Donald Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

January 23, 2017

Dear President Trump:

Re: Request to Make America Healthy & Great Again: Prevent Chronic Diseases and Lower Health Care Costs

A nation cannot be great unless its people are healthy. Sadly, the health of the American people is last in the industrialized world despite spending the most money. Our health has declined dramatically specifically during the last two decades in spite of skyrocketing health care costs (e.g. an increase of 818%!) This rise in our health care costs is not explained by the rise in hospital costs, doctors’ salaries, inflation, or prescription drug prices. Although there have been increases in these individual costs in our health care system, they do not explain the root cause of the overall alarming rise of chronic diseases.

After a careful analysis of independent American and global scientific literature on health and diseases, as well as health care statistics, we have come to the conclusion that the root cause is in our food, water and vaccines. Specifically, it is residues of a slow-acting tasteless poison: glyphosate and glyphosate-based herbicides, such as Roundup (the world’s #1 used herbicide) and similar generic brands. Residues of this weed killer, declared by the World Health Organization as probably carcinogenic, and proven to cause liver disease, has now been found in about 93% of Americans' bodies, in the majority of our water, food, breast milk, and even childhood vaccines. The US regulatory agencies (e.g. CDC, NIH, FDA, EPA) mistakenly think it is not toxic to humans, and therefore there is little oversight and almost no monitoring of the contamination in our foods or vaccines. Independent science says otherwise.

Scientists have identified at least thirty-two health issues and chronic diseases that are all rising in incidence at alarming rates, and this easily explains our nation’s enormous health care costs. Twenty-one of these have a correlation factor greater than 90% between the yearly rise in glyphosate based herbicide use and the increase in hospital visits for that issue. The odds are very high that all of these issues, which include autism, have very strong and compelling causative link to glyphosate herbicide exposure. New studies show Roundup weedkiller (glyphosate based) causes liver disease and thyroid damage, which can lead to autism. There is no other toxic chemical that we have found that is so pervasive and whose usage is rising so sharply, in step with the rise in these diseases. It is important to know that scientists have reported that glyphosate based herbicides increase the harmful impact of other environmental toxins as well, making the impact of other toxins, such as mercury and aluminum, more devastating to our children than ever before.

Here are some sobering statistics on increases in disease frequencies over the past 25 years.  Dementia has increased by 1600%; Celiac disease by 175%; Alzheimer’s by 229%; Parkinson’s by 120%; Diabetes by 2214%; Anxiety attacks by 140%.   Other acute and often fatal illnesses are also on the rise: Kidney disease is 2.38 times more frequent than 25 years ago; Intestinal infections are 12.4 times more frequent; Liver cancer, 2.24 times increase; bladder cancer, 2.33 times more frequent; and strokes are now 5.0 times more frequent. Another major concern is the alarming rise in autism. One in 68 children is now diagnosed with autism compared to about one in 5000 in 1970. The correlation between the yearly rise in autism and the yearly use of glyphosate based herbicides is almost perfect - 99.4 percent. These frightening trends signal chronic disease catastrophe.

Sadly, our EPA approval system is, in our opinion, criminally misleading. The American public and farmers are being misled into thinking that Roundup is safe, and they are spraying it on over 158 food and feed crops (allowed by the EPA), as well as on backyards, parks, playgrounds, streets and along waterways. Glyphosate is currently up for re-approval or denial. In our opinion, glyphosate should be banned immediately, as it is analogous to the toxic chemicals DDT and Agent Orange, which were banned decades ago.

With a ban, an estimated 728.8 billion dollars per year in exploding health care cost could be saved, assuming we are just 50% effective. The estimated yearly cost savings is 1.45 times our defense budget or $6,268 per average family per year in health care cost. These savings alone could easily pay for a revamped “Obamacare” and help reduce our national debt.

Historians, in reflecting on these times, will write in disbelief about our willingness to sacrifice our children and continue to add poisonous chemicals to our crops and food, disregarding the evidence which is now overwhelming. We need to take action now to ban glyphosate based herbicides and toxic chemical farming, and to return to sustainable organic agricultural methods which increases jobs as well.

Please Mr. President Trump: Make America Healthy & Great Again and Ban Glyphosate Herbicides in 2017.

Thank you for your consideration, and if you have questions, please have your officials contact us. We have attached more detailed information in a separate file.


Jack Wilson, Dr. Stephanie Seneff,
Dr John Balatinecz, and Zen Honeycutt 

Jack Wilson is a retired chief engineer in the aerospace industry and holds 33 patents solving the root cause of complex problems.

Stephanie Seneff is a senior research scientist at MIT conducting research on this subject who, together with others, has written multiple peer-reviewed research papers on glyphosate’s toxicity.

John Balatinecz is a retired Professor & health advocate at the University of Toronto, Canada.  

Zen Honeycutt is the Founder of Moms Across America, a non-profit National Coalition of Unstoppable Moms, with the motto "Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids." She is a mother of 3 boys whose allergies and autism symptoms have improved by avoiding glyphosate.

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    We have a health crisis. Sign the petition: Letter to Trump: Make America Healthy & Great Again!
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    This movement is desperately needed. Please get all these terrible chemicals out of our gardens, our atmosphere, our foods. The FDA and the EPA have not been doing their jobs, and we are being poisoned with our toothpaste, foods, lotions and creams, and soils, we are counting on you, as you are affected also, to do what needs to be done. Thank you so much, we are praying for you.
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    We have a health crisis. Sign the petition: Letter to Trump: Make America Healthy & Great Again!
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    We have a health crisis. Sign the petition: Letter to Trump: Make America Healthy & Great Again!
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    We have a health crisis. Sign the petition: Letter to Trump: Make America Healthy & Great Again!
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    We have a health crisis. Sign the petition: Letter to Trump: Make America Healthy & Great Again!
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    We have a health crisis. Sign the petition: Letter to Trump: Make America Healthy & Great Again!
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    We have a health crisis. Sign the petition: Letter to Trump: Make America Healthy & Great Again!
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    We have a health crisis. Sign the petition: Letter to Trump: Make America Healthy & Great Again!
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    Goes hand in hand with health and vaccine safety issues…. please do something