Comprehensive list of films about food, farming and GMOs.


Poisoned Fields-Glyphosate the Underrated Risk?



The World According to Monsanto

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Genetic Roulette

Genetic roulette 10 min version: Email this to your friends and invite them to your home to watch the full version together!

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Videos from around the world:

Please see this growing list from our sister group, Moms Across the World of videos from Africa, Argentina, Australia, Philliphines, Taiwan, UK, USA and more.


Moms Across America Founder and Director Zen Honeycutt on

The Impact of GMOs and Glyphosate on American Children




Food Beware: The French Food Revolution

This inspiring film shows how an entire community comes together around school lunches in France:

Watch until you see their genius solution at the end.



Coming soon: Keep an eye out for: 

Canary Kids Movie by Beth Lambert, author of " A Compromised Generation"

The documented recovery of children with health issues in America.

 Moms Determined: The New M.D. produced by Christie Dames, moderator of this panel at the Commonwealth Club with Zen Honeycutt, MAA, Judi Shills, Teens Turning Green and Deborah Koons Garcia producer of The Future of Food and Symphony of the Soil.

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